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    Things not to do in Dubai as a tourist;

    When you visit a country always respect their culture. Everyone one have their own traditional values and laws, so you should follow them as you’re living in their country. Like every other country Dubai also have some specific laws. That you may found odd but till follow them. If you don’t want to go police station or to offend locals. Plan your day in Dubai with the help of Tour Company in Dubai. They can guide you better to enjoy your tour fully. They would also help you to blend in the culture.

    Avoid these things when you’re in Dubai:

    In Dubai using left hand for greetings is a big no. As a Muslim they don’t like this gesture.  Instead, always use you right hand for greetings and eating. PDA is also offensive in Dubai. It is may be acceptable in some countries but in Dubai you should respect their culture. Also pay attention to your clothing. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear a veil. But dress modestly, don’t wear clothes that expose too much skin when you’re visiting public palaces. Don’t use vulgar words or foul language in front of locals. Control your speech and talking habits if you use cuss words as a Force of habit.

    Religion is very sensitive topic for everyone. Do not make aggressive insulating comments about Islam and Muslims. Don’t Disrespect royal family of Dubai like any other country offensive remarks toward their leader isn’t allowed. You can get drunk in hotels and bars but drinking in illegal in Muslim majority or in public places like malls, parks etc. So keep that in mind. Showing rude hand gestures while driving can lead you to legal trouble as it’s prohibited in Dubai. Dubai have list of things that are prohibited in their country. So read this list before packing to avoid trouble at Airport.


    All this ethical restrictions are important to be respectful towards their culture. These restrictions are meant to be followed in public. You can do whatever you want in your personal space or private gatherings. Dubai is a very wonderful country. You would surely love this country. Visit different places in Dubai with the help of Tour Company in Dubai.


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